UK car development in the body reached a 17 year high in 2016

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Record year for UK car generation: An overall of1,722,698 motors were built in the UK yr after. Lots of 1.35 million of these were exported across the world the most to ever be built for foreign buyers

The growth was spearheaded by Britain’s biggest car maker Jaguar Land Rover whose record breaking bosses said they were ‘proud’ to be British and were ‘committed to ensuring creating remains the backbone of the British economy’, No matter any current ‘uncertainty’ over Brexit.

Overall exports to the USA the UK’s biggest single country market leapt by a hefty 47 per cent and now be the reason for 1 in 7(14.5 %) Of all UK cars released.

A lot of those are premium and luxury vehicles such as Jaguars, Plot Rovers, Bentleys and flows Royces, Which are much admired and highly preferred in America.

The news will give welcome cheer to pm Theresa May ahead of her meeting on Friday with US President Donald Trump, Who has given positive signals of a new trade do something about Britain.

Sales to Canada were up 62 per cent as the UK exploits wider markets to compensates for an earlier downturn in the economy in mainland Europe. China deal were up 6.5 percent.

UK manufacture is now on course to break its all time record set back in 1972 of 1.92 million and may accelerate with the two million barrier, Said the Society of Motor sellers and Traders(SMMT).

JLR’s three factories made more cars than any other UK based type

Jaguar Land Rover was the largest car maker for the second year in a row with its three UK factories in Solihull, Castle Bromwich near Birmingham and Halewood near Liverpool making a record 544,411 new or used new or used vehicles up by 11.1 percent.

Some eight out of ten JLR cars are released, With sales driven by its new F Pace sports utility vehicle and its new Land Rover advancement.

Jaguar land Rover beat machine, Features Sunderland plant, Into second arrange(507 custom jets jerseys,444 or longer 6.5 percent) And third room Oxford based MINI(210,973), Right away 4.9 %.

Speaking killing the figures release, SMMT leader Mike Hawes said: ‘The UK motor industry is in rude health and enjoying compelling growth. We are in a great place. It is extremely successful and growing.Or

Jaguar Land Rover paid 544,401 rv’s in 2016 that was 37,000 more cars than # keyword # in second place

Jaguar’s UK cultivation alone has more than trebled since 2009 when it stood at 158,000 instruments.

Jaguar Land Rover’s global sales home Andy Goss said: ‘We are proud to call ourselves a British company and are committed to ensuring processing remains the backbone of the British economy.–

Mr Goss under pressure: ‘Jaguar Land Rover has one more time shown that investment in new models, Proficiencies, And advanced technology are essential to ensure Britain has a thriving automotive industry, Even industry by storm current uncertainty.–

2016 was accurate documentation year for UK made car exports, With 8 out of 10 cars built being sent another country custom 49er jersey. This map shows where they vehicles went

UK is the third fundamental car maker in EuropeThe SMMT said the UK is the third greatest car maker in Europe, And second biggest for best quality cars after Germany.

It is also Europe’s second biggest car market after Germany a point which will be rammed home by the Government to EU chiefs contemplating punitive trade tariffs against the UK.

Pm Mrs May has already warned the EU governments on the continent against ‘self harm’ actions and that the UK would retaliate if smarting EU chiefs seek to ‘punish’ the UK for leaving the EU custom eagles jersey.

Five of the 10 most bought UK cars overseas are JLR pills

The consequences of hitting Britain with punitive tariffs can lead to a drastic drop in their own sales of cars to the huge UK market, Steps reminded.

There can also be a precedent. At the height of the BMW’s sell off of Rover more than about ten years ago, Car bosses in Germany were rattled by fears of a UK buyer boycott and backlash in one of their best global markets.

The SMMT said UK car assembly ‘achieved a 17 year high’ in 2016 custom patriots jersey, Observing; ‘More cars are now being exported from Britain previously, A result of investments made over recent years in world class production facilities, Cutting edge design and technology and one of Europe’s most highly trained and productive workforces,

It determined: ‘Production growth was mainly driven by overseas demand, With global hunger for British built cars rising by 10.3 per cent to an all-time high of 1 custom cowboys jersey,354,216 a second sequential annual record.

Only Germany makes more luxury cars compared to a UK in Europe. Cars from Bentley and Rolls Royce are now very fashionable in the US

‘Around eight out of every 10 cars stated in the UK is now exported, Bound for one of 160 markets intercontinental.

‘Ten brand new car models began manufacturing in the UK last year, Nine of them from premium brands which has helped to make the UK the second biggest producer of premium cars after Germany and the third biggest car producer in Europe,

Mr Hawes added in: ‘The an explosion in UK production is testament to the global competitiveness of the UK automotive sector.