Retractable screens approved at Ivy’s first floor terrace

Sector: Retail


Location: Westminster, London

A planning application for retractable screens on the first-floor terrace of a Westminster restaurant have been approved.

Pegasus Group secured permission for the remote-controlled fabric screens on behalf of Troia (UK) Restaurants at 66 Victoria Street, Westminster, which is occupied by The Ivy.

The Ivy VictoriaThomas Beard, senior planner at Pegasus Group, said: “We were pleased to obtain planning permission for the enclosure of the first-floor terrace, located towards the rear end of the restaurant along Angela Hooper Place towards Back Kingsgate Parade.

“The proposed development will be located under the existing roof, with the structural frame to be attached to the existing building in order to hold the remote controlled screens in place, which will enclose the first floor terrace, that can be open or closed. The existing balustrade that currently wraps around the terrace will be maintained. A trellis will be installed to the rear side of the balustrade in order to add more greenery for future customers.

“The need for this development is due to the wind tunnel effect of Angela Hooper Place that does not allow for a pleasant dining experience on this terrace, leading to the area not being used, even during relatively pleasant weather conditions. The proposed development is to install a screen to the balcony area to form a wind break.”

The application was considered under delegated powers by the planning authority.

A report recommending approval said: “In this instance the proposals would have a very minor design impact on the building, almost completely unnoticeable when the blinds are open, but still having very little visual impact when closed. The application is accordingly recommended for approval.”

This approval follows a number of separate applications in which Pegasus Group have assisted The Ivy in occupying and expanding their restaurant, including through gaining permission for a single side extension at ground floor level, permanent external seating area, and a number of advertisement consents.

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