Renewed Planning Application Submitted To Protect Historic Cottage

Sector: Residential

Group News

Location: Cambridgeshire

A new planning application has been submitted by Pegasus Group’s Cambridge office to demolish the former Ogden Indoor Market in March, Cambridgeshire in order to stop anti-social behaviour and reinforce the message that regeneration is coming to the area (image provided by DT Architects based in Peterborough).

This is the second application submitted on behalf of the client seeking permission to knock down the buildings and erect a 2.4 metre high perimeter in order to stop anti-social behaviour. The new application seeks to restore the historic cottage which adjoins to the market. Indoor Market

Planning Director Andrew Hodgson who is working on the project explains how the client has experienced relentless problems with the derelict buildings despite continued efforts to keep them secure. Andrew adds that the demolition would send out the message to the community that needed regeneration is coming to the area. The historic cottage next to the market has some “interesting features” and it is sought that planning approval will be granted on the basis that the cottage remains.

Pegasus Group provided both planning and heritage services for the client.

To view the full story, you can read today’s Fenland Citizen.

Pegasus Group have subsequently submitted a pre-application submission seeking redevelopment of the the site with an appropriate residential scheme.

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