Regional Director Brian Denney In Joint Landscape Seminar With Kings Chambers


Location: Leeds

Regional Director, Brian Denney of Pegasus Group’s Leeds office will be doing a joint seminar with barrister John Barrett of Kings Chambers on Landscape. Kings Chambers

It is increasingly common for proposed development sites to be resisted or challenged on the basis of being an un-designated ‘valued landscape’. Valued landscapes are referred to in the NPPF (paragraph 109), but the Framework does not define valued landscapes, nor does it clarify the relationship between the protection and enhancement of  un-designated valued landscapes and the presumption in favour of sustainable development.

There is not as yet, a consensus on what constitutes an un-designated valued landscape for the purposes of the NPPF, or when identified what weight it should attract in decision making. There have been many appeal decisions which have addressed the issue, but no consistent or definitive approach has emerged. It remains a matter of judgement and that judgement is not, in many cases, being well informed by the applicant.

This seminar will explore the issue of un-designated valued landscapes, their relationship with the NPPF and the decision making process and the manner in which valued landscapes can best be assessed, evaluated and given an appropriate planning context.

Brian Denney Brian will be discussing “Landscape Value & Valued Landscape” with John addressing “Landscape As A Material Consideration.

The seminar is taking place at the DoubleTree Hilton in Leeds on Monday 26th March 2018.

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