Warren Hill Farm Shop


Wild & West


720 sqm retail and café space


Retail & Town Centres


Mid Suffolk District Council

Key Project Information

  • 720 sqm new floorspace, comprising both a shop and café
  • Offers customers the opportunity to shop locally, supporting local businesses and reducing food miles from field to fork
  • Significant biodiversity net gain through new planting and other enhancements.

Working with Appetite Me and Trundley Design, we have secured planning permission for a new farm shop for our client, Wild & West.

Shopping for locally home-grown produce is a hugely popular and growing trend, driven largely by a growing climate awareness and a desire to support small businesses.

Our client, Wild & West, is committed to not only provide farm-produced food but give the opportunity for local and regional businesses to showcase their products. The farm shop presents an opportunity to offer customers sustainable local produce, grown on the farm or nearby reducing food miles from field to fork.

The 720 sqm building will comprise 276 sqm for the retail area and 135 sqm for the proposed café. The building itself will be constructed to ensure high levels of insulation and airtightness and will be heated through an air-to-air heat pump system powered by solar photovoltaic panels. The wider site incorporates electric vehicle charging points and the farm shop will operate a “weigh your own” zero waste system to minimise packaging.

Challenges Overcome

We inherited this project after an initial application received a negative response.

We worked hard to build a positive working relationship with the local planning officers, responding proactively to problems raised and resolving objections. The application secured significant local support from both residents and the parish council, ultimately securing planning permission in November 2023.