Oaklands Wedding Venue


Oaklands Weddings


14 new holiday lodges


Leisure / Health, education and community

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Key Project Information

  • 14 new holiday lodges within the grounds of an established wedding venue.
  • Site is partially within flood zone 2 and in the open countryside.
  • Pegasus led on planning and landscape architecture services, successfully arguing that there was no flood risk.

We have secured full planning permission for 14 bespoke holiday lodges associated with Oaklands wedding venue, to accommodate wedding guests.

Challenges overcome

Because part of the site is within flood zone 2, we liaised with the Environment Agency prior to submission and prepared a robust flood risk assessment (including sequential assessment) to meet planning policy requirements.

Our team successfully demonstrated that the proposal was carefully thought-through and that the lodges were sited in the lowest possible area of flood risk. Through our own detailed work, we proved that some land within flood zone 2 was actually higher than some areas marked as flood zone 1 (and were therefore, in reality, not subject to a higher flood risk). What’s more, our work revealed that the whole site was well above the predicted flood depth level for the area, securing the support of the Environment Agency.

Our work also entailed updating the flood risk emergency evacuation plan for the existing Grand Lodge function building at the Oaklands wedding venue, which is at higher risk of flooding in flood zone 3. We demonstrated that the new lodges would actually improve flood resilience measures for the venue as a whole, by having a safe place of refuge for guests in the extreme situation that local flood defenses on the River Hull may be breached.

Bringing new benefits

Our environment team produced a detailed landscape masterplan to integrate the development into an existing young woodland area, and overall the development will support the growth of this local business, by offering on-site accommodation.

The development will boost local job opportunities, support the wider wedding supply chain businesses in East Yorkshire and will lead to net gains for biodiversity through the wildlife enhancement measures that we have secured through this permission.

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