Land to the west of Woolavington Hill, Woolavington.


Wainhomes Severn Valley Ltd.


Up to 175 dwellings

Local Authority

Somerset County Council



Key Project Information

  • We produced a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan to support a hybrid planning application for up to 175 residential dwellings at land to the west of Woolavington Hill, Woolavington.
  • The Transport Assessment considered the existing traffic conditions and highway safety, relative accessibility of the development proposals and trip generation.

Work also included the preparation of a detailed access strategy and footway connection to the site and carrying out junction capacity assessments at the proposed site access, the A39 Bath Road and Woolavington Hill priority junction and at the A39 Bath Road and Puriton Hill signalised junction using the industry standard Junctions9 and LINSIG modelling software.

The A39 Bath Road and Woolavington Hill priority junction has historically operated inefficiently, with a number of mitigation schemes having previously been proposed but found to be undeliverable, given the constrained nature of the local highway network in this location. In order to offset the impact of the proposed development at the junction, our team prepared a mitigation strategy in the form of a roundabout junction utilising land within the control of the Applicant to the south west of the junction. This was carefully designed through collaboration with highway officers at Somerset County Council to consider third party land, the petrol filling station access to the north and access to the properties located on the A39 Bath Road to the west.