Flintshire Enterprise Zone.


Logik Strategic Land

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Flintshire County Council


Energy and Waste, Waste

Key Project Information

  • Permission granted for new waste management bioplant.
  • Logik Strategic Land will deliver the biogas facility on the former Gaz De France power station. The bioplant will:
  • Handle up to 182,000 tonnes of rubbish a year
  • Produce up to 2 megawatts of green energy
  • Bring more than £50m of investment to the North Wales area
  • The plant is expected to deliver arguably the most advanced and environmentally friendly landfill diversion to date
Flintshire Enterprise Zone

The plant will deliver arguably the most advanced and environmentally friendly landfill diversion to date through a process that diverts more than 85% of our black bin waste into recyclables and recoverables and thus supporting Wales in its zero to waste targets.

We are proud to have this advanced process showcased here in North Wales and for the first time ever outside of Israel, attracting a global audience

Dave Green of Logik

We secured planning permission for the new waste management plant on land at Deeside Industrial Estate in the Flintshire Enterprise Zone.

The new plant will use a technical process known as ArrowBio, a unique technology that successfully treats municipal solid waste (MSW) using a hydromechanical separation and preparation process to recover recyclables.

It uses water and mechanical equipment to separate the organic fraction, produce high methane (CH4) content biogas for several green energy uses and recycle up to 70%-80% of the waste.

By-products such as various plastics, cardboard, wood and metals are suitable for recycling, and some of them also for RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel) treatment. At the end of the anaerobic process, the organic remains are used as soil improver for agriculture as well as for bio-drying systems.

The process captures an extra 6,000 tons per year of valuable recyclables that by any other process would be missed. These are recyclables that are put into black bin bags by mistake and they are hard to obtain normally.