Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm.


Warwick Energy




Energy and Waste

Key Project Information

  • Delivery of a 402MW Offshore Wind Farm
  • Provision of Seascape and Visual Impact Assessment (SVIA) services

We provided the Seascape and Visual Impact Assessment (SVIA) services for the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm. This high profile project is currently the furthest operational offshore wind farm from the UK’s shoreline. Nonetheless, the project still required detailed consideration of potential impacts to the seascape character and visual amenity of coastal receptors, including sensitive locations in the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Our expert team prepared visualisations of the proposed development to help inform the judgments in a detailed SVIA Chapter of the Environmental Statement which was also supported by Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) Mapping. Cumulative Impact assessment with other nearby proposals was also an important element addressed in both the text and visual material prepared.

The Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm is located between 32km off the coast of the seaside town of Cromer in North Norfolk. Since its completion in late 2017, this 402MW offshore wind farm has been producing enough green, clean energy to power more than 430,000 UK homes from its 67 6MW wind turbine generators