Pegasus Group, a leading planning consultancy in the UK, has lodged an application to restore and repurpose the Grade II-listed Cannington Shaw Bottle Shop in St Helens. This submission represents a vital step in safeguarding the structure, currently listed as a Priority A on the Historic England ‘At Risk’ Register.

The planning application entails restoring the structure while diversifying its use to serve as a Heritage Skills Academy that includes a community, education, and event space, all topped off with a stunning viewing tower.

This project is being managed by Darren Muir from Pegasus Group, in collaboration with Matthew Ashton and Mathew Giles from MGMA Architects. The application was commissioned by John Tabern, Chair of the Cannington Shaw Preservation Trust.

John Tabern said: “Plans for the restoration of the No:7 Bottle shop have been long in the making, with years of work by a dedicated team getting it to this point. There are several more years of graft to come before the whole vision for the No: 7 Bottle Shop is realised but we’re looking forward to the task ahead. This is an ambitious and challenging undertaking, but the team are determined that the venue will be as innovative and cutting edge as it was ground-breaking when it opened in 1886.”


The Cannington Shaw Bottle Shop, situated on St Helens Linkway, has been recognised as a Scheduled Monument, demonstrating its immense historical value. As the building is at the highest level of risk, swift action is necessary to prevent irreparable deterioration or total loss.

Darren Muir from Pegasus Group said: “There is an urgent need for a new generation of craftspeople with heritage skills, and a very real risk of historic buildings deteriorating further due to a shortage in skills. This application at Cannington Shaw Bottleshop will not only preserve a Scheduled Monument and Grade II listed building from being lost forever, but will create a heritage skills training centre that will help address the skills deficit. There are overwhelming public benefits in support of the planning application, and we look forward to receiving a speedy decision from St Helens Council.”

The restoration project is anticipated to receive a decision in October. The development is part of a broader initiative funded by the St Helens Town Deal Board, which successfully procured £25 million from the Governments Towns Fund initiative. By undertaking the Cannington Shaw Bottle Shop’s restoration, Pegasus Group demonstrates its proficiency in heritage planning, ensuring historical landmarks remain a significant part of our communities for generations to come.

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