We’re excited to be senior partners of the Midlands Forum for Growth event – the official investment conference for the Midlands.

Bringing over 150 Public and Private sector organisations across the Midlands, the event takes place over 24th -26 November and is led by England’s leading pan-regional partnership – the Midlands Engine Partnership. The event is organised by Movers & Shakers Property Networking Forum.West Midlands Forum for Growth

The key objectives of Midlands UK include:

  • Improve public and private coordination, especially in the post-COVID-19 world
  • Enable private and public collaboration to accelerate opportunities for skills, employment and innovation
  • Provide insight into achieving inclusive and sustainable growth
  • Examine the key investment and growth projects across the Midlands

Key themes of the event include:

  • Growth – Delivering sustainable and good growth
  • Collaboration – The opportunities for better public and private collaboration
  • The Future – Priorities for the future and building on success

The Midlands is home to almost 11 million people – more than Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales combined. The region drives 22% of England’s exports and generates £239 billion for the UK economy each year. The Midlands has seen significant growth over the past five years, but the potential for more is huge.

The Midlands UK Forum for Growth is a unique opportunity to bring together public and private organisations from the Midlands, along with international investors, to gain a comprehensive insight into the region’s strategy, policy and plans for sustainable growth: from infrastructure, investment and innovation, to skills and education, homes and communities, clean energy and technology. It gives local authorities, universities, businesses, government and investors an unprecedented opportunity to meet and develop relationships, collaborate and share best practice, and generate investment and new business on an international stage.

A number of our colleagues will be in attendance over the 3 day event. The team includes:

  • Jeremy Peachey, Executive Director – Environment
  • Richard Cook, Director – Economics
  • James Walch, Director – Design
  • Stephanie Lawrence, Head of Marketing
  • Rachel Swan, Bids Manager