Pegasus Group, leading planning and development consultancy, has secured planning permission for a transformative project at Wymeswold Airfield, north of Leicester. The development, undertaken by The Prince Group, will consist of 21 state-of-the-art industrial units poised to invigorate the local economy and create an estimated 100-150 job opportunities within the Leicester area upon completion.

The airfield was opened in 1942 and used as a Royal Air Force base until 1957, and by private aircraft organisations until around 1968. The scheme represents phase two of a wider redevelopment project, with 19 units on phase one already having been completed and now occupied.

The application addressed the site’s historical significance, as well as the potential landscape impact of the proposal and secured a recommendation for approval despite earlier pre-application advice that did not support the scheme.

Geoff Prince, founder of The Prince Group, commented on this significant achievement: “We are committed to fostering economic growth and job creation in the Leicester region, and this development at Wymeswold Airfield is a substantial step towards that goal. Pegasus Group’s expertise has been instrumental in navigating the planning process, and we are excited to see this project come to fruition.”

James Clark at Pegasus Group added: “The planning permission granted for the Wymeswold Airfield development underscores the importance of working collaboratively with local planning officers to deliver vital economic growth for the country’s regions. This development represents not only a boost to the local economy but also an opportunity to revitalise a disused area into a thriving hub of economic activity.”

The Wymeswold Airfield project aligns with Pegasus Group’s commitment to responsible and sustainable development, with the development committing to deliver biodiversity enhancements as well as creating valuable employment opportunities. As the permission is for flexible employment uses, it is anticipated that the industrial units will attract a diverse range of businesses, further enriching the economic landscape of the county.