Pegasus Group teamed up with Yorkshire Insider to bring together key stakeholders, from the private and public sectors, to discuss how best to realise the Sheffield City Region’s economic potential.











Paul Bedwell, Senior Director, took part in the roundtable from Pegasus Group. Other speakers included; Duncan Armstrong, Associate Director at Harworth; Scott Cardwell, Assistant Director at Doncaster Council; David Topham, Chief Executive at CTP; Rebecca Roffe, Partner at CMS; Harriet Knowles, Director at Counter Context; Matt Hutton, Director at Bond Bryan; Mark Jackson, Director at Scarborough Group; Daniel Ladbury, Director of Estates at Sheffield Hallam University and David Hobson, Director at Hobson Hague Consulting.

We were delighted that everyone could join us at Chimney House in Sheffield, to discuss Sheffield City Region’s future.

Paul Bedwell reported:

“I think viability is a key issue in the SCR. It is a challenge that has a bearing on our capacity to deliver development. But the progress, or rather the lack of progress, with plan-making in the city region is a concern.

“Increasingly for local authorities you’ve got to look at the local plan as an opportunity to show your ambition for the region and show leadership with those proposals. Frankly not having a local plan in place in place is akin to a business trying to operate without a business plan. It should set out the expectations of development within a place and provide opportunities for development and economic regeneration. Not to have that in place is a huge own goal and it applies to Sheffield in particular, and we seem destined not to have one for the next four years.

“In Kent, the county council and the constituent authorities came together to agree a planning protocol and that’s been in place now for some time. The development industry needs to understand what level of commitment they can expect within the city region and equally it allows them to detail what they expect from developers. It is a two-way street.”

To view the full report of the roundtable please visit Insider.

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