Nicky Parsons has been named the first female Deputy CEO at the growing planning and development consultancy Pegasus Group.Nicky Parsons

Nicky, who has been with the business for 10 years, said she was looking forward to playing a greater role in the continued growth of Pegasus Group, with a particular focus on improving diversity and inclusion.

Nicky said: “It is a huge privilege to take up this new position and to continue to grow this fantastic company.

“I am committed to helping the business achieve further growth through a challenging economic climate.

“A key area of interest for me is improving diversity and inclusion within the business. Our sector is changing, and I am excited about the opportunities that this brings and to be part of that.

“We have formed an action group made up of volunteers from across the company to help us to celebrate diversity and look at the steps we can take to further improve our diversity. This is in addition to our ongoing and continued strive to improve working practices and opportunities for all.

“We want to be the company of choice for both our employees and our clients. That starts with making sure our people are enthused and empowered.”

Nicky said that she hoped being the first female Deputy CEO would encourage more women into leadership positions.

“It is great to be raising the profile of women in business,” said Nicky, who has three teenage children.

“Pegasus Group is fantastic in encouraging people to grow as much as they want and as fast as they want.”

Nicky has spent her whole 28-year career in planning having graduated from the University of Westminster.

She said: “Planning is something I’m very passionate about. Perhaps people don’t appreciate it but the environment around them either works or it doesn’t because of the planning that has taken place.

“It’s important that I remain actively involved in planning as well as the corporate side of the business, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

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