Design expertise for the built environment.

We bring to life potential through beautiful design. From large scale urban extensions and strategies for area regeneration to renewable energy and residential schemes, our expert design teams have a thorough understanding of planning policies and know exactly what’s required to make your project a success.

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We love architecture, it’s where we can really bring our dedication to making a positive impact on the built environment to life. The quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether in the home, workplace or in the public realm. We are a RIBA Chartered Practice and provide architectural expertise across all sectors.

In 2020, Pegasus Group acquired architectural practice Armstrong Burton.

Landscape Design

We are dedicated to delivering landscape design that goes above and beyond. Our Expertly Done approach is built on an ethos of landscape led and sustainable development principles to deliver effective solutions for an increasingly environmentally aware world. Our expertise and experience mean we have a clear understanding of the opportunities and constraints that environmental issues can generate, allowing us to cover a very broad spectrum of landscape design services.

Masterplanning & Urban Design

Urban design is an art form which enables us to create and redevelop our towns, cities and public spaces. Our urban design team is packed full of specialists; people driven by a passion for shaping the built environment around us. Our Expertly Done approach is about providing distinctive, integrated and sustainable developments that are based on a firm understanding of existing movement networks, the existing landscape and the surrounding urban fabric.

Masterplanning is an integral part of the planning process, our experience embraces large scale urban extensions, strategies for area regeneration and detailed design.


The world we live in constantly changes and this affects our visual experience. Our Expertly Done approach recognises that 2D and 3D visualisations are a powerful tool fulfilling many functions during the iterative planning, design and assessment process. We have an experienced visuals and graphics team dedicated to producing accurate visualisations across a wide variety of sectors. We can provide computer generated images (CGI’s), photomontages including wirelines, mass modelling and fully rendered images.

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