It is staggering to realise that I have now been the CEO of Pegasus Group for a whole year!  As I reflect on my first year, I am filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Being a part of this company’s growth journey has been an incredible experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to lead such a talented team. The unwavering dedication of our team, combined with our innovative mindset, has positioned us as a market leader, serving our clients’ needs with utmost professionalism.

2023 was not a year without challenges (when is it ever?!), but we have continued to grow and expand. We have launched new training initiatives and have continued to invest in our graduate training programme, which grows in popularity every year.  Our commitment to improvement has enabled us to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions, which has helped us to attract top talent, deliver successful results for our clients and win some significant projects across the industry.

Looking into 2024…

2024 will be an exciting year for us as we continue to evolve and grow.  We are committed to ensuring that everything we do, no matter how big or small, is delivered with passion, commitment and expertise.   This remains our focus for 2024.  We want to help the development industry to deliver sustainable development opportunities to meet the needs of existing and future communities.

In the coming year, we will work towards reinforcing our industry position as thought leaders, enabling us to better anticipate and respond to emerging trends and challenges. Our continued focus on sustainable development will ensure that we make a tangible impact on the built and natural environment.

With the development industry set to experience significant growth in the coming years, we remain poised to capitalise on the opportunities presented. As CEO, I am proud to lead Pegasus Group beyond our 20-year anniversary and strongly position us in the market for the next 20 years.

I want to thank our dedicated team for their unfailing commitment to excellence and pledge to work passionately in serving our staff and clients. Our success is because of the trust our staff and clients have placed in us over the years. We remain committed to exceeding their expectations while creating value for all stakeholders involved.

Whatever your relationship with Pegasus Group is, I wish you a successful 2024.