New Executive Board at Pegasus Group


Following the retirement of Managing Director Tony Bateman at the end of June, Pegasus Group is pleased to announce its new management structure. The new Executive Board will see Jim Tarzey as CEO, Chris May as Deputy CEO, Gary Lees as Chair of the Executive Board and Sam Kerby as Chief Finance & Group Services Executive Officer.

New Executive Board - July 2021

From left to right, top row: Jim Tarzey, Chris May, Gary Lees and Sam Kerby. Bottom row: Sebastian Tibenham, Paul Burrell, Nicky Parsons, Mike Carr and Jeremy Peachey.

They will be joined by Sebastian Tibenham, Paul Burrell, Nicky Parsons, Mike Carr and Jeremy Peachey who will be leading the company collectively.

A change to the management structure while emerging from lockdown couldn’t have been timed better, as the company seeks to grow and develop further under a new 5-year Business Plan that will be delivered in the autumn.

Jim said: “We want to continue based on the founding origins of the Company, which is extremely important to us; this was built around a collegiate approach with the responsibility and authority of the business shared equally between a number of key individuals.

“Moving forward we want that approach strengthened more than ever, and it is our collective job to achieve this. I want to – and need to – maintain a large degree of my professional responsibilities. This is something that won’t impede the functioning of the Board because Sam leading Finance and Group Services and Chris as Deputy, will be devoting more of their time wholly to management responsibilities.”

Staff retention is one of our top priorities.

“We are nothing without our staff, and it is staff retention that is top of my wish list,” said Jim Tarzey.

When asked about the immediate challenges post pandemic and in light of the new management team, Jim said: “We want to become an even more attractive and flexible employer and enjoyable place to work so that we get the most from our employees.

“We need to retain staff and make sure we have a happy workplace, where people are well rewarded for their hard work. The more staff we can take through our graduate training programme and promote through the ranks of the company, without them feeling they need to leave to secure promotion or better terms elsewhere, the better.”

“But we do need to get our offices well populated – we don’t buy into the philosophy that we can run our business from home; our offices are important to us. We will however adjust to a post Covid world slowly and aim to get the right blended balance between office and home working.”

Jim is excited at what the future holds, as the team aims to cement the qualities and professionalism that make Pegasus stand out from other consultancies.

“The company has come a long way since it was set up by nine of us in 2003,” he said, “and for sure it has changed, but I like to think that we remain underpinned by the same thinking and beliefs as at day one.

“In my view there is an art to consultancy. Giving honest, concise and clear professional advice is obviously at the heart, but there is also a more personal side to consultancy, where striking dependable and solid relationships with clients is equally as important.

“The majority of our work continues to come through referrals which is something we are very aware of , and our top priority is always to look after and priorities our loyal long-standing clients. We have a shared vision for the company based on a straight-forward, down-to-earth, but innovative approach to providing advice to our clients.”

Pegasus Group is well known as one of the largest development consultancies, and in recent years has diversified far beyond the residential sector into retail, specialist housing, employment, logistics and energy work.

Jim added: “I know that we have a good reputation across the industry and that we are highly reputed professionally. Some of that comes through the name and brand of Pegasus and that is incredibly important to us. Going forward we need to look beyond that so that our employees genuinely feel like they are contributing to the success of the company.

“I came to Pegasus Group with a passion for planning and I continue to have that passion for the job and the vagaries it brings. I’m a planner at heart and I intend to lead by example – you have to have passion for the job to make the job rewarding.

“All of us on the board have been instrumental in setting up and running the company, and it means a lot to us. We owe it to the Directors who have retired and to our existing loyal staff to carry the business forward in a manner similar to how it was developed, but with a keen eye on new initiatives and best working practices. That way Pegasus Group will continue to be this very best version of itself long into the future.”

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