Mansfield town regeneration plans submitted

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Location: Mansfield - Nottinghamshire

A planning application for a £12m regeneration project close to Mansfield town centre has been formally submitted to Mansfield District Council.

Pegasus Group provided planning, economics and heritage services on behalf of ARBA Group in relation to the development which is set to bring around 140 full-time jobs to the area.

Chris Calvert

Planning application (Stockwell Gateway - Mansfield - Nottinghamshire)

Architect: Isle Design Architecture

Chris Calvert, Executive Director with Pegasus Group, said: “We were pleased to provide a trio of services in relation to the preparation, submission, monitoring and management of the application comprising the erection of a 100-bed hotel and ancillary restaurant and three restaurants with ancillary retail and takeaway facilities, associated vehicular access, parking and servicing areas, public realm and landscaping.

“The development is proposed on a brownfield site, located in Mansfield town centre which was identified as a regeneration site and allocated for retail and leisure uses within the emerging Mansfield District Local Plan 2013 – 2033.

“The proposed development would secure substantial net gains across the three dimensions to sustainable development and the three overarching objectives of the planning system.”

These will include:

Economic Benefits

  • Supporting approximately 138 construction roles on-site and in the wider economy over the anticipated 12-month build programme.
  • Generating an additional £8.1m of gross value added (GVA) to the regional economy during the 12-month construction period.
  • Supporting an estimated 140 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in Mansfield and the wider regional economy.
  • Generating an overall estimated contribution to economic output (GVA) of £4.8m per annum once the employment floorspace is built and operational and generating a GVA contribution of £41.1 million (present value) over 10-years.
  • Generating £190,000 of business rates per annum.

Social benefits

  • Creation of jobs.
  • The enhancement in the offer of retail and leisure facilities in Mansfield town centre for both local and visiting residents. The enhancement of public amenities would contribute towards the betterment of standards of living and help promote Mansfield as a place where people wish to live, work and play.

Environmental Benefits:

  • The proposed development would provide a high-quality flagship development on a prominent site in Mansfield town centre.
  • The proposed development integrates a good-quality landscaping scheme which would significantly improve the ecological baseline of the application site and secure a Biodiversity Net Gain in excess of 10%.

It is hoped that planning permission for the scheme will be approved this summer, with work then able to start in Spring 2021.

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Planning drawing, CGI of internal view through the development desire line

Architect: Isle Design Architecture