Hannah Armstrong, Pegasus Group's Associate Heritage Consultant (Bristol)
Hannah Armstrong

Associate Heritage Consultant
T: 01454 807390
E: hannah.armstrong@pegasusgroup.co.uk

Hannah joined Pegasus Group in February 2016, with her primary area of expertise being the built historic environment. Her experience is focussed on the assessment of built heritage assets and the wider historic environment, providing advice to clients as to how such constraints may influence design along with conducting assessments of impact.

Such assessments focus upon physical alterations to Listed Buildings, potential changes in the setting of designated heritage assets, impacts on the character and appearance of Conservation Areas, as well as development within historic parks and gardens. Hannah also specialises in the assessment of significance of nondesignated built heritage assets, in particular those of a 20th century date, and has provided a number of representations to Historic England in association with Listing and Certificate of Immunity applications.

Recent projects have included buildings and historic environment features of varying dates ranging from 19th century domestic dwellings and kitchen gardens, to World War Two military structures and Post-War commercial buildings, with the architecture of the 20th century and military structures being a particular area of interest.