Daniel Weaver

Executive Director - Planning
T: 01454 454087
E: daniel.weaver@pegasusgroup.co.uk

Daniel is a Chartered Town Planner with 17 years’ experience within both the public and private sectors. Daniel has a range of planning experience gained from leading a number of different projects and will also bring a commercial and balanced view to all sites.

For the past ten years his work has been dominated by the promotion of major housing schemes across the country, at Section 78, local plan and now neighbourhood plan levels. These include the past and present promotion of 10,000 houses in Essex, 5000 houses at a new Garden Village in Culm, Mid Devon, 1800 houses in Hampshire, 750 houses in Gloucestershire, 925 houses in Taunton and many schemes around the country of around 100-500 dwellings taking advantage of para’s 49 and 14 of the NPPF.

From planning appraisals of individual sites or portfolios, through to leading a project team at planning application or Local Plan promotion, Daniel can provide value and strong management at each stage to assist in project delivery.