Andrew Cook

Executive Director - Environment
T: 01285 888 025

An Executive Director of Pegasus Group, Andrew heads the environmental planning division of the company. He is a Chartered Landscape Architect and Environmental Planner. On a daily basis, he has responsibility for overseeing many complex Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects as well as preparing and presenting expert landscape evidence at Public Inquiries. Andrew sits on the Onshore Strategy Group for Renewable UK to advise on environmental planning strategy. He is regularly asked to speak at conferences on visual and environmental planning issues.

Andrew is thoroughly familiar with landscape and environmental impact assessment methodologies as they relate to European and British environmental protection legislation as it relates to the renewable energy sector. Andrew frequently manages and co-ordinates EIAs for major infrastructure projects including waste transfer and incinerator telecommunications and energy developments. Involved from the outset, Andrew co-ordinates the commissioning of multi-disciplinary teams of consultants and undertakes scoping exercises, liaising with relevant competent authorities. He is involved at all stages of such projects, as well as undertaking landscape and visual assessments and co-ordinating the contributions of other consultants.

As an experienced expert witness, Andrew is regularly involved in the preparation of cases relating to environmental planning and design issues for written representations, Local Plan Inquiries and Section 78 Appeals.

Andrew has undertaken numerous landscape and visual assessments, including landscape character assessments and land-use mapping, vegetation surveys, visibility studies and environmental capacity studies.