Director level promotions at Pegasus Group

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Pegasus Group is delighted to announce a series of director level internal promotions, effective from July 1.

Gail Stoten, Heritage, and Jonathan Rainey, Planning, have become Executive Directors, and also become members of the Strategic Management of the Group.

At the Senior Director level and continuing the expansion of the Birmingham, East Midlands and Cambridge planning team, promotions also go to Neil Cox, James Hicks, Andrew Hodgson and David Onions.

Across the company, a further 10 new Directors have been announced. They are: Birmingham, Hanna Staton (Planning) and Stuart Ward (Urban Design); East Midlands, Wesley Bray (Urban Design) and Marie Stacey (Planning); Leeds, Kate Curtis (Environment), Joe Stenson (Urban Design) and Dale Tuner (Environment); Bristol, Gareth Roberts from the Planning team, London, Henry Courtier (Planning) and in Group Services Emma Thurlby, Human Resources.

Pegasus Group director promotions

(Top row (L-R) Neil Cox, James Hicks, Andrew Hodgson, David Onions, Hanna Staton, Stuart Ward and Wesley Bray. Bottom row (L-R) Marie Stacey, Kate Curtis, Joe Stenson, Dale Turner, Gareth Roberts, Henry Courtier and Emma Thurlby)

Pegasus Group Managing Director Tony Bateman said: “I am delighted to announce a series of Director promotions, all of which have been achieved on merit and on the basis of the hard work they have done and continue to do for the company.

“Each of these team members has provided exceptional service to Pegasus Group and are very much part of the future direction of the business.”

Gail Stoten, based in the Cirencester office, joined Pegasus Group in 2015 and in July 2018 was promoted to Senior Director. She leads a team of twelve heritage consultants and regularly works as an expert witness.

Gail said: “Becoming involved in the strategic decisions that are taken within the Group is an exciting opportunity that I am very much looking forward to.

“I will also continue to develop our fantastic Heritage team, ensuring that we deliver for our clients providing advice and assessments for planning applications for diverse developments involving historic buildings, townscapes and landscapes, and archaeology.”

Gail, 41, studied at Nottingham University and her first heritage jobs were on archaeological excavations in England and Bulgaria. Consultancy and inquiry work followed, most frequently looking at the setting of historic buildings and landscapes and whether change occurring through development would cause harm to the significance of heritage assets. Acting as an expert witness within the appeal system remains the part of her role that she enjoys the most.

Planner Jonathan Rainey joined Pegasus Group in 2006 and is based in the Bristol office, although his work principally expands across the whole of the South East, Midlands and South West. He advises national housebuilders, national developers and operators of specialist housing for older people, national retailers and private landowners.

Jonathan said: “When I joined Pegasus Group, the Bristol office was a small, tight-nit team of just five planners. It was an exciting place to work full of ambitious expansion plans and I was exposed to many different projects and opportunities, gaining lots of experience.

“Today, there are 45 people based in Bristol, including planners, design and transport teams, as well as specialists in heritage. It is a hugely successful office and I am delighted to be able to take some responsibility for it, alongside my colleagues.

“In Bristol we have enjoyed a massive upwards trajectory of success, diversified our offering to different markets and responded to the changing trends in the development sector. We have an exceptionally talented and loyal team and I look forward to developing this further into the future.”

Jonathan, 37, gained his Undergraduate degree and Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning and Regeneration Studies respectively at Cardiff University. He is recognised at a national level for his expertise in planning for specialist housing for older people, including sheltered and retirement housing; assisted living/extra care; care villages and care homes.

He added: “This is a massively growing sector, for which the model is changing constantly. The planning system is having to adapt to that change, but fortunately thanks to a number of successful, high profile projects I have been involved in, Pegasus Group is gaining an excellent reputation for work within this sector.”

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