DfT’s Inclusive Transport Strategy and NPPF Update

Group News

Clarification has been sought from a number of planners, developers and local authorities since the publication of the DfT’s ‘Inclusive Transport Strategy and the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government’s National Planning Policy Framework’ in July.

Pegasus Group’s Transport team have been monitoring the situation and liaising with a number of local authorities on the position and how this may affect developers and their applications.

The attached document states within the final paragraph on page 1 that the “pause” does not apply to “development schemes that are currently at the planning application stage or beyond”.

It also makes clear that the pause only relates to “on level-surface schemes in areas with relatively large amounts of pedestrian and vehicular movement, such as high streets and town centres (outside of pedestrian zones).”

“The pause does not apply to streets within new residential areas, or the redesign of existing residential streets with very low levels of traffic’.

Many of our sites fall within this category and a way forward should now be possible with the local authorities. We will continue to monitor this closely and await the revised documentation form the DfT.