The opportunity to have a tangible and lasting impact on the environment in which we live, work, and play; and maximising the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces represents an attractive proposition for the modern design strategist.

The qualities outlined above are a perfect fit for the role of the Landscape Architect.

One of the fastest growing work streams in the Pegasus Group portfolio, the Environment Team began with just one person when the company first opened its doors in 2003, and now has 52 Landscape Architects and Environmental Planners based across the UK offices within an overall 400-strong team of multi-disciplinary professionals.

Jeremy Peachey

Despite that dramatic growth, the role of Landscape Architect can still be viewed as something of a hidden gem.

The ability to provide “up-front” advice, plan, design and oversee the development, enhancement and regeneration of all types of land – from gardens to public spaces, to development sites and beyond for many different types of land use – can provide a backdrop for endless exciting opportunities in the space of just one working day.

As Jeremy Peachey, Landscape Architectural Director at Pegasus Group after a 17-year stint with the company, describes perfectly: “When you say you are a Landscape Architect, people can look at you and appear puzzled.

However, when I ask if they have seen the disguised buildings and green roof gardens at Gloucester Motorway Services; or seen the external learning environment at Cheltenham Secondary School and tell them both are the work of a Landscape Architect, things become a little clearer.”

Those two projects are amongst a vast number that the Pegasus Environment team has advised on, designed, and delivered during the last two decades, typically in a collaborative approach with the client, architect, engineer and ecologist.

The Environment team’s expertise covers landscape architecture and planning; landscape/townscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA/TVIA), and environmental planning (often on a vast scale).

The services that the Environment team at Pegasus provide complement the Group’s multi-disciplinary areas of expertise and offers an enhanced service that spans the entire project process, with full development lifecycle expertise.

Whilst strict planning policy, regulations and rules can often constrain the parameters within which the Environment team is working, this is seen as an opportunity to simply get more creative in your job as a Landscape Architect. Challenging and pushing the boundaries is the order of the day to assist delivering the right solution.

“Every day is different,” says Robyn Friesner, an Associate Landscape Architect in the Cirencester office.

“One day you might be landscape master-planning a mixed-use development with schools and networks of open spaces; the next you might be selecting the type of gravel to be used on the pathway.

“I really enjoy the variety, challenge and creative aspect of my role, from working on the plans to being on site supervising works and seeing the finished spaces enjoyed by all.”

The platform of the team’s ongoing success working on projects around the UK is built on the presence of long-standing members of staff who have joined together and carved a pathway to become a large and respected team of landscape architects and environmental planners.

Robyn Friesner

Part of our role at Pegasus Group, as we see it, is a strong desire to raise awareness of the career opportunities that being a professional landscape architect can offer. Pegasus is committed to nurturing and developing talent at all levels, from relationships with universities to attracting graduates to join our Graduate Training Programme. We can point to many examples amongst our staff who have joined as graduates many moons ago, as well as ones who came for work experience whilst still at school and were so enthused that they made landscape architecture their degree choice.

The senior and more experienced landscape architects provide a dedicated team of mentors and coaches, who work in partnership with new recruits to help them become a Chartered Landscape Architect. As a national consultancy active in so many different development sectors, Pegasus can provide a varied and diverse portfolio of work and experience to support career journey and development.

One of the newest recruits to the Environment Team at Pegasus is Landscape Architect Aarti Chamba, who started with the Company ten months ago after being attracted to the role by its creativity.

“As a Landscape Architect you get to do a little bit of everything and design on different scales from large regional schemes down to street design,” she explained.

You get to experience a place from afar and imagine yourself in that space, living or working in it.

Pegasus Group is a great employer and I feel really looked after. Its flexible working policy asks people to be in the office for three days a week which really supports a better working environment.

Aarti Chamba

As a graduate I have access to coaching sessions as well as online training. There are monthly staff treats and the support from across the business has been brilliant.”

The Pegasus Group Environment Team, including all our Landscape Architects is always open to connecting with talented individuals who share its passion and enthusiasm for creating inspirational and memorable environments.

If you are interested in joining us, you can apply for your next role via the careers page.