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Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford are amongst the UK’s most productive, successful and fastest growing cities. They host a highly skilled labour force, cutting edge research facilities and world leading technology clusters.

The Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford (CaMkOx) arc is home to 3.3million people and is of critical economic importance to the UK. It stretches from Cambridgeshire, via Bedford and the south east midlands, to Oxfordshire and forms a broad arc around the north and west of London’s green belt. The arc contains Northampton, Daventry and Wellingborough to the north, and Luton and Aylesbury to the south and links with Norfolk and Suffolk in the east and with Swindon to the west.

Housing is a key element of the arc and there is a need to quickly unlock land for new homes and provide a better service for those who already live across the arc. The aim is to deliver one million new homes in the corridor by 2050 through urban extensions and development of new towns or villages.

Pegasus Group is working with land owners and developers to investigate and promote a range of development opportunities along the corridor ranging from new garden communities to a variety of urban extensions, advising on associated green belt, housing, landscape, heritage, transport and wider economic implications.


Case Studies

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