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Central Government introduced a series of changes to the Permitted Development Regulations in 2015 and again in 2018 to provide a simpler and cost-effective way to apply for the re-use of agricultural buildings and to facilitate a range of temporary uses, including filming studios.

Pegasus Group act for Tatton Estate, which controls a substantial area of land in north Cheshire and south of the Greater Manchester conurbation. Economic activity in the area is high but it is washed over by Green Belt, which can hamper new development. Tatton Estate is actively involved in converting barns and other properties to offices, wedding venues and other commercial uses.

It is also a filming location for the BBC hit series – Peaky Blinders. Pegasus Group recently achieved deemed consent for 3 separate temporary filming studios on the estate. Each cover a 1.5 ha, within which a number of structures and buildings can be provided on a temporary basis (9 months in a 36 month period).

Pegasus Group also obtained permission for a 3D Printing Lab for Manchester Metropolitan University and Tatton Estate to reuse a redundant farmstead building under the prior approval process.


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