Seaford, New Homes & Playing Pitch Provision


Seaford, East Sussex



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In September 2017 members at Lewes District Council resolved to grant outline planning permission for a scheme of up to 183 dwellings at the former Newlands School, Seaford. Pegasus Group provided planning, design, landscape and heritage input on the project.

Following a public consultation exercise, an application for 238 dwellings was initially submitted to the Council.  However, due to the perceived impact on the setting of an adjacent listed building and a Sport England objection, the residential provision was lowered to 183 units, which allowed the applicant to incorporate a full size football pitch, that could also be used for junior pitches.  Officers and Councillors were persuaded that the additional open space and much needed provision of housing, in a sustainable location, was sufficient to outweigh Sport England’s maintained objection.

Due to the objection, the application had to be referred to the Secretary of State, but he too was satisfied that the loss of playing pitches was not sufficient to warrant his intervention in this instance.

The s106 agreement is currently being finalised ahead of reserved matters applications being drawn up.


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