Residential Development, Land at Cheney Hill, Heacham


Cheney Hill, Heacham


W.H. Kerkham (Rhoon) Ltd.

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Pegasus Group has been successful at appeal in securing consent for residential development at a site in Heacham, Norfolk. This site forms part of a larger site resulting in a total of 133 dwellings to be delivered in Heacham including affordable housing, public open space and infrastructure improvements.

Phase 2 was subject of the appeal which related to an additional 64 dwellings. Pegasus Group also obtained planning permission for Phase 1 in 2016.

The appeal focused on allowing almost twice the number of houses on the site than had been allocated in the adopted Local Plan.

The Inspector agreed with all our points regarding sustainability, efficient use of land and highway safety and allowed the appeal. The appeal concluded that:

“The proposed development would boost the supply of housing including the provision of 20% affordable housing as required by policies CS09 and G47.1. There would be economic benefits in terms of employment during construction and spend in the local economy. Areas of public and recreational space would be provided. These are all factors that weigh significantly in favour of the appeal proposal. On balance, the benefits from the appeal proposal are sufficient to outweigh the partial conflict with the quantum of development and would therefore not undermine the spatial strategy as a whole.”

Pegasus Group will now also assist in the submission of detailed matters for the site.


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