Residential Development At Hurdleditch Road, Orwell, Cambridgeshire


Orwell, Cambridgeshire


Davidsons Development Ltd.

Services Used

Pegasus Group has been successful at appeal in securing consent for 49 dwellings, open space and a community car park at an edge of village location in Orwell, South Cambridgeshire.

In preparing the initial outline planning application Pegasus Group held a public exhibition and engaged with stakeholders at the local primary school and Parish Council. In preparing the planning application Pegasus Group developed a robust landscape-led Illustrative Masterplan for the development.

At the appeal stage the Planning Inspector agreed with our case in respect of settlement sustainability and the proposal not resulting in significant negative landscape impacts. The Inspector concluded that,

“Overall the adverse impacts do not significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits. Consequently the proposal would represent sustainable development as defined in the Framework, and material considerations indicate that planning permission should be granted for development that is not in accordance with the development plan.”


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