Peel Road Energy Centre, Fylde


Fylde, Lancashire


Suncredit Energy

Services Used

Pegasus Group’s Leeds and Bristol offices worked together on behalf of Suncredit Energy to successfully appeal the refusal of a planning application in Fylde, Lancashire.

The application, for a 20MW gas powered grid support plant with battery storage on land opposite an existing sub-station on Peel Road, Westby-with-Plumptons, was refused by Fylde Borough Council.

Pegasus Group, who were not responsible for the original application, was instructed to handle the appeal by way of written representations.

Refusal of the application was based on two reasons:

  • that there was no policy basis to allow development of the nature proposed within countryside location, and
  • that the visual impact of the proposal was unacceptable

The planning team specialising in infrastructure delivery and headed by Executive Planning Director, Colin Virtue, produced a written statement providing evidence that the Council had interpreted its own policy incorrectly and that there was heavy support in national policy for the provision of peaking plant infrastructure.

The landscape team, headed by Environment Director, Brian Denney, provided specialist and detailed landscaping evidence to successfully demonstrate that the visual impact of the proposals was acceptable.


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