Lidl / THI Developments Conway, North Wales


Conwy, North Wales


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Pegasus Group successfully secured planning permission for Lidl to open a new superstore at Llandudno, Conway in North Wales. The store will create more than 40 jobs for the region and brings much needed retail development to the area and is set to open by the end of 2018.

Pegasus Group’s Liverpool office conducted a full consultation in line with Welsh Planning Guidance. We held a consultation event prior to submission of the application to provide local residents with the opportunity to view the proposals and provide suggestions. The consultation undertaken was well attended and responded to with 82% of respondents supporting the proposals. A number of the comments received stated that they considered the site is becoming an eyesore and welcome the introduction of a discount food offer within Llandudno Junction.

The proposed store also seeks to maximise opportunities to reduce energy consumption, use energy efficient materials and equipment and enhance operational efficiency in additional to qualitatively enhancing the shopping environment.

The challenges of the application proposal included the impact the proposal may have upon the World Heritage Site designation and the road infrastructure. Pegasus Group utilised their heritage experts, and SCP Highways Consultants to provide suitable justification and mitigation to ensure there would be no impact with regard to Heritage and the existing highway network. The supporting statements Pegasus Group produced and the negotiations with Conwy Council, lead to a successful recommendation of approval.


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