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Pegasus Group were appointed to prepare an outline planning application on former plant nursery land adjacent to the settlement boundary of Newell Green, Bracknell for the erection of up to 50 bespoke residential dwellings (including up to 25% affordable housing), parking, open space and landscaping with access from Newhurst Gardens. All matters reserved apart from access details.

The site is located within the landscape setting of a Grade II Listed Building and the proposals provide a generous landscape edge around the proposed development to reduce the impact on the setting. The design of the dwellings interprets the traditional architecture of the area in a contemporary style providing the development with a distinctive sense of place.

In addition to planning and design services, Pegasus Group provided landscape, public consultation and arboricultural  advice to the clients.

Planning permission has recently been secured at Appeal for the 50 houses. Bracknell Borough Council refused the outline application on the grounds of impact on the open countryside and the non-sustainability of the site. At the Appeal hearing in January, Pegasus Group argued that the need for housing, especially affordable housing, outweighed the minor impact on the countryside and although the site was slightly remote from local shops and services, a new local centre and primary school was to be provided much closer to the site in coming years.

The inspector agreed with our arguments and allowed the appeal subject to a section 106 agreement and conditions.


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