Farm to Fork Project, Cotswolds


Manor Farm, Cotswolds


Co-Operative Estates

Services Used

The UK’s largest farm operator, Co-operative Estates, have been expanding their operation to include an educational role by opening ‘Farm to Fork’ projects across the country and using Pegasus Group as their planning advisors.

The Farm to Fork project comprises educational facilities at a number of farms to allow young people to visit and learn about the practices of a working farm and to better understand how the food they eat is reared and cultivated.

Pegasus Group provided advice to Co-operative Estates on how to achieve planning permission for the conversion and change of use of agricultural buildings to an educational facility and office floorspace for the management of the project on a day to day basis.

Many of the buildings required sensitive alterations and extensions to allow them to be used for the purposes of the project, which meant we were required to keep in close contact with the Planning and Conservation Officers to ensure a smooth application process.

Another issue we faced and overcame in order to secure planning permission included the impact on the local highway network to accommodate coaches and cars bringing visitors to the site.


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