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Chartist Way, Staunton and Corse


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Forest of Dean District Council adopted a Core Strategy in February 2012, shortly before the publication of the NPPF. This included a housing requirement for 310 dwellings per annum. The Council subsequently submitted an Allocations Plan for examination in August 2015. The submission version of the Allocations Plan included a revised housing requirement of 320 dwellings per annum which sought to reflect the objective assessment of need required by the NPPF.

Pegasus Group presented evidence that the objectively assessed need was greater and participated in the examination hearings sessions. The Inspector issued his Interim Findings in June 2016 which identified that further work was required on the objectively assessed need but that it was unlikely to be less than 340 dwellings per annum.

The Council have reassessed this and identified an objectively assessed need for 330 dwellings per annum which has necessitated the identification of additional allocations. One of the allocations now proposed covers part of the site that Pegasus Group have been representing throughout the examination.

The Allocations Plan (including proposed changes) remains under examination and the objectively assessed need has still not be finalised. Pegasus Group will continue to present evidence to assist the Inspector so that modifications can be made to ensure that the Allocations Plan can be found to be sound.


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