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Pegasus Group submitted representations to the Bath and North East Somerset Core Strategy and objected to the overall housing requirement, the lack of strategic allocations and the fact that a Green Belt Review had not been undertaken.

Pegasus Group in making representations promoted a site at South West Keynsham which was in the Green Belt.  The Core Strategy was suspended and further work was undertaken by the Council.  The Council then increased the housing requirement and initially included five locations where land was proposed to be removed from the Green Belt to meet the identified new housing requirement, one of which was land at South West Keynsham. No specific sites were identified at these locations. Site-specific allocations were intended to be made in the subsequent Place-making Plan. However, the Inspector questioned the justification for the Council’s assessment of the capacity of each broad location; the reliance on delivery from these locations to support the five-year housing land supply; and the intended deferral to the Place-making Plan of any consideration of the need for safeguarded land.

As a consequence, the Council decided to propose further changes to the Core Strategy so as to make site-specific allocations at the five broad locations previously identified. The Inspector endorsed the site at South West Keynsham being removed from the Green Belt and allocated for development in the Core Strategy.  The site is included in the adopted Bath and North East Somerset for 180 – 200 dwellings.


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