Alne In-vessel Composting Facility


North Yorkshire


Allium Organics

Services Used

Retention of an existing building and use as an In-vessel composting facility treating separated organic fine materials arising from the management of non-source separated biodegradable wastes. Separated organic fines are a product less than 50mm in size which arises from trommels and screens. The in-vessel composting process enables the production of a compost like output for use in non-agricultural land remediation projects.

The proposal comprises a novel method of treatment of wastes that have traditionally been managed by landfill, allowing for the production of a soil making material that has a potential range of non-agricultural applications such as the growth of biofuel crops or the construction of golf courses.

The development site is located on the former York Recycling Site at Alne in North Yorkshire. The site operated for many years as a landfill site and waste transfer station until closure by the previous operator in 2015. Allium Organics has acquired the land and buildings and is now seeking to establish a resource recovery facility at the site, of which the in-vessel composting operation would form an integral part.

An application has been made to North Yorkshire County Council as the waste planning authority and Pegasus Group continues to support the applicant in managing the planning application process.

The proposed development seeks to provide a facility for the management of waste streams that arise in vast amounts. Up to 40% of local authority collected and commercial and industrial wastes can end up as fines. These wastes have, historically, only been managed by means of landfill. The proposed in-vessel compost facility will enable the waste to be recovered and utilised in the remediation of  derelict and degraded land.


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