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The Pegasus Group heritage team were commissioned to carry out a desk-based assessment of a proposed roadside services site on York Road between Beverley and Bishop Burton as part of wider planning, landscape and economic works.

Archaeological concerns were largely based around the site’s proximity to a number of Iron Age and Romano-British enclosures and barrows to the site’s southeast. Desk-based research indicated that these remains did not appear to extend closer towards the site than already recorded. Thus, the potential for archaeological remains within the site was considered to be low.

Stump Cross, one of three of the remaining medieval sanctuary stones in Beverley which have been Scheduled, was initially considered as potentially sensitive to the proposed development due its close proximity to the site.

Beverley was one of the great churches in the north of England during the medieval period and was known as a sanctuary refuge for those fleeing justice.

The road and the sanctuary stone’s position in relation to the roadside were considered important aspects of its setting which help with understanding its historic context as were other surviving remains relating to medieval sanctuary in Beverley.

The proposed development site was assessed as not having any historic functional relationship with the Scheduled Monument and the proposed development would therefore not impact visibility to Stump Cross from the roadside. As such, the proposed development was not be anticipated to result in any harm to the heritage significance of the Beverley Sanctuary Limit Stone at Bishop Burton.

The Report concluded that heritage should not be considered a major constraint for the proposed services area at York Road, Beverley.

Economic benefits of the scheme include:

  • Provision an estimated 38 temporary jobs supported over the 6-month build period
  • Estimated additional £1.0 million of GVA during the 6-month construction period
  • Development could support an estimated 30 full-time additional jobs in the East Riding of Yorkshire
  • 25 full-time employees on site could equate to just under £526,000 in combined wages
  • Petrol filling station and convenience store could contribute an estimate £9.5million over a 10-year period
  • Estimated business rates paid by the Proposed Development could be around £22,000 per annum

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