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The Guildford Borough Council Green Belt and Countryside Study was commissioned between 2009 and 2018 to assist with the spatial planning and the future allocation of land as part of the evidence base for the emerging Local Plan.

The Study provided a strategic review of all the Green Belt land and the local plan Countryside Beyond the Green Belt (CBGB) to identify Potential Development Areas (PDAs) suitable for Green Belt release. The Study comprised of six volumes that initially focussed on land surrounding the urban areas on the boundary of the Green Belt, then in the later stages, included an assessment of the villages currently ‘washed over’ by the Green Belt.

Pegasus Group assessed the land parcels within the study area in terms of the purposes of the Green Belt, environmental capacity and sustainability credentials to determine suitable areas for future development across the Borough. The Study required regular sessions with the GBC planning team, the Council members and presentation at public consultation events.

The emerging Local Plan was considered at Examination in summer 2018, with the Local Plan Inspector concluding that the Plan could be found sound, subject to main modifications being undertaken. The Council will undertake consultation on such modifications, which primarily relate to the identification of additional allocated sites, in early Autumn 2018. The Study has therefore successfully served its purpose of assisting the Council in identifying appropriate sites to accommodate the Borough’s future growth.


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