Rose Villa Farm, North Yorkshire – Anaerobic Digestion Plant


Rose Villa Farm, North Yorkshire


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Pegasus Group was instructed to submit a full planning application for an on-farm Anaerobic Digestion plant in Barton, North Yorkshire. The AD plant will produce electricity which will be used on the dairy farm, providing a reduction in energy usage costs and the remaining electricity will be exported to the grid network, attracting a Feed-in-Tariff. The CHP engine will also link in to a new farmhouse and heat the water, providing further savings for the farmer.

Pegasus Group held pre-application discussions with a local planning officer to allow any key issues to be addressed within the submission. The application submission documents have dealt with these matters, including an odour assessment. Due to our comprehensive experience in anaerobic digestion, we have been able to successfully argue that such matters, and other environmental matters, shall not be an issue in this location on an existing intensive dairy farm.

The full suite of planning application documents has been submitted to the local planning authority and Pegasus Group is confidently managing the application through the determination process.


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