Hitchambury Farm, Taplow


Hitchambury Farm, Taplow


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Hitchambury Farm is a new, cutting edge sustainable dwelling, designed to be architecturally striking and to meet and go beyond Passivhaus standards. Pegasus Group was a key part of the design team, working closely with the architects to design the setting for the building.

A beyond-passivehaus construction, bespoke cantilever design, and underground thermal heat store never before used in a residential property, were included in the proposals, and were considered by the Inspector to meet the challenging requirements for innovative new isolated homes in the countryside as set out at paragraph 55 of the NPPF. By reaching such requirements the Inspector was satisfied the scheme represented sufficient very special circumstances to warrant a new dwelling in the Green Belt.

The design of the landscape fully integrates the building into its setting, providing a transition between the wider landscape and the striking new dwelling and offering an attractive, naturalistic, biodiverse outdoor space. Key elements of the building’s materials and form are carried through into the landscape, and the edges of the building have been extended into its setting, blurring the boundaries, resulting in a building and landscape which read as one.


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