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Pegasus Group has worked closely with national housebuilder CALA Homes (Midlands) Ltd to bring development plans for parcels within the Milton Keynes Western Expansion Area (WEA) to fruition. Pegasus Group were originally involved in securing permission for the 6,500 unit Western Expansion Area in 2007.

We produced the design compliance statement, detailed layout, house types, including bespoke properties, and landscape design for two parcels of land, Parcel H and Parcel G within the Whitehouse section of the expansion area.

Planning permission was granted for Parcel G in April 2017 and Parcel H at the start of April 2018. We began work on initial design work in July 2016 to support CALA Home’s purchase of the land from Bovis Homes.

Parcel G will provide 111 units, with 78 private dwellings, including three and four-bedroom homes and 33 affordable. CALA Houses (Midlands) launched the site earlier this year.

Parcel H provides for 64 dwellings, including 45 three, four and five-bedroom homes and 19 affordable properties. House types include an apartment block, terrace, semi-detached and detached homes.

Pegasus Group worked on bespoke designs to fulfill the Design Code, especially along the City Street frontage which included bespoke four storey apartments and houses and around the designated Character Area, the Wetlands Special Place. The city street frontage was redesigned to create a predominantly continuous building line. House types were created that had side parking, but which were accessed from the rear, to remove the dominance of parking within the street.


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