Buckingham Heights, Exmouth




Taylor Wimpey

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East Devon District Council granted planning permission for 120 residential units on an unused brownfield site at Pankhurst Close Industrial Estate in Exmouth. Our Urban Design team have worked closely with Taylor Wimpey to create an attractive residential development for the 21st Century, whilst reflecting the desirable elements of the local vernacular.

The development achieves an average net density of 48 dwellings per hectare (dph). This density results in the efficient use of the site whilst at the same time promoting densities which are appropriate to the local area. A range of house types and sizes, including Affordable Housing are provided which will assist in creating a balanced community, as a variety of households can be accommodated thereby minimising the potential for social exclusion.
The site has been designed around a large area of public open space linking this site to the neighbouring development (currently under construction). The aim was to have an open space with multiple functions as opposed to monotonous amenity grassland. The public open space has been designed to incorporate the following uses:

• Ecology and habitat creation;
• Play areas;
• Green links and attractive movement corridors;
• Watercourses and attenuation ponds;
• Strategic landscape buffer planting.


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