With the Government having launched its consultation on proposals to reform the planning system in England, Pegasus Group looks at what the implications could be for housing requirements across the country.

A number of Pegasus Group experts take a look at some of the headlines of the White Paper including Senior Director, Sarah Hamilton-Foyn, Directors, Neil Tiley and Richard Cook, and Executive Directors, Sebastian Tibenham, Chris May and Guy Longley.

Please see commentary in the Storymap below, or please click here to view the analysis in full screen.

Sebastian Tibenham, Executive Director at Pegasus Group’s Manchester office comments: “The Government is proposing to change the Standard Methodology for calculating Local Housing Needs. If adopted in its proposed form, this would result in a slight uplift for the North West over the current Standard Methodology approach (24,631 homes per annum compared to 20,885 per annum accordingly).

“However, this is actually less than the annual requirements planned for in adopted and emerging Local Plans within the North West and largely on a par with the regional housing requirements set out in the revoked regional planning strategy that was revoked by the Government a number of years ago.”

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