Pegasus Group has summarised the main points from the review of Build Out, commissioned by the Chancellor at the time of the Autumn 2017 budget, the review has been undertaken by Sir Oliver Letwin and aims to:

“explain the significant gap between housing completions and the amount of land allocated or persmissioned in areas of high housing demand, and make recommendations for closing it”.

The report certainly gives plenty of food for thought when it comes to increasing built out rates across the country. It highlights the importance of diversifying the type of housing being built, which is definitely welcome. A lot of the recommendations are quite technical, however, and they could potentially increase the level of bureaucracy in the planning process. Would the recommendation to create an LDC or LAMP help when it comes to developing large housing sites, for example, or would it just lead to an increase in the amount of red tape that developers face? It will be interesting to see which of the recommendations, if any, are taken on board by the Government as it strives to hit its target of delivering 300,000 new homes per annum by the mid-2020s.

To view our full summary, please download the PDF.

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