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Environmental Policy

Pegasus Group meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 for the following scope:

The provision of consultancy services, Town and Country Planning, Environmental Planning, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Impact Assessment Management, including Urban Design and Environmental Planning.

Pegasus Group is committed to minimising the environmental impacts associated with its business activities. We will establish and maintain processes which encourage a reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions, minimise our consumption of natural resources and reduce the volume of waste associated with our office-based activities.

To ensure that Pegasus Group effectively manages its environmental impacts it will establish, implement and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) accredited to ISO 14001. The EMS is intended to facilitate the following commitments being achieved:

  • Compliance with all relevant legal and other requirements
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Continual improvement of environmental performance and staff awareness of their roles and responsibilities to contribute to this being achieved

Pegasus Group recognises that the sustainability agenda is a central issue for the planning system. In its consultancy role, Pegasus Group is mindful that sustainability seeks to balance economic, environmental and social objectives without compromising the needs for future generations.

At project level, Pegasus Group understands and promotes the principals and benefits of sustainable development. It seeks to work with developers to encourage the adoption of sustainable working practices.

This Environmental Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it continues to be aligned with current best practice and responds to any relevant findings of EMS audits.