About Us.

Who we are, our history and our Expert team.

We are an exciting development consultancy to work both for and with. We bring innovative thinking to create beautiful places, enhancing the built and natural environment in a way that positively affects people’s lives.

Our values

Our History

Pegasus Group was established in 2003 and has grown to become a leading independent development consultancy with offices throughout the UK.

Starting with around 10 employees working from our registered Cirencester office, we specialised only as a planning consultancy, known as Pegasus Planning Group. Our company has since grown to more than 400 employees across 13 locations. The expertise that we offer has expanded from planning, to design, to environmental consultancy advice, evolving to economics, heritage expertise, transport and infrastructure and finally land and property. Our expertise now spans the entire development process.

Our integrated teams combine knowledge and expertise from a wide variety of sectors.

We have an acute understanding of the changing nature of planning policy at a local and national level. We inform and advise clients on the implications and offer informed and sustainable development solutions.

Our reputation as experts makes us leaders in our field and our commitment, passion and expertise is client focussed to ensure the best possible levels of service.

Our Fundraising

Each year, Pegasus Group chooses a Charity of the Year and enthusiastic fundraising takes place across the Group’s 14 regional offices.

Previous beneficiaries have included Shelter, the Alzheimer’s Society, MIND and MNDA.

Raised for The Trussell Trust in 2023

Our nominated charity for 2024 is

Our past fundraising activities

100 sit-ups a day challenge for Shelter

100 sit-ups a day for Shelter

Pumpkin carving competition for MNDA

Land’s End to John o’ Groats for JDRF

Land's End to John o' Groats

East Midlands Sponsor Walk for MNDA

Shelter – Newcastle

Newcastle Charity fundraiser - Movember

Cake Sale for MNDA

  1. September 2003

    Pegasus Group was created

    September 2003

    Cirencester office opens 10 staff

  2. January 2004

    Birmingham and Cambridge offices open

    November 2004

    Bristol office opens

  3. May 2005

    East Midlands office opens

  4. October 2006

    Leeds office opens

  5. 2008

    100 staff

  6. July 2010

    Pegasus changes from LLP to Limited Company

    December 2010

    Manchester office opens

  7. September 2013

    Pegasus Group celebrates their 10th birthday

    180 staff

  8. October 2014

    London office opens

  9. September 2016

    Liverpool office opens

  10. July 2017

    Birmingham (City) office opens

    230 staff

  11. January 2018

    Peterborough office opens

    August 2018

    Stephen Bawtree, ex-Chariman, retires

    September 2018

    We turned 15

  12. January 2019

    Newcastle office opens

    August 2019

    Dublin office opens

  13. March 2020

    Pegasus Group acquires Armstrong Burton Group

  14. July 2021

    Tony Bateman, our ex-Managing Director, retires

    July 2021

    New management structure emerges

  15. January 2022

    Our new Edinburgh Office opening

    March 2022

    Our brand refresh

    December 2022

    Our new Birmingham City Centre home

  16. January 2023

    Nicky Parsons has been named as our new CEO

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