2019 Housing Delivery Test Results

Briefing paper

Housing Delivery Test 2019 Map2019 Housing Delivery Test Results The Housing Delivery Test is the method that the Government employs to measure the performance of individual Local Planning Authorities in the delivery of new housing. The following summary provides an analysis of the most recent official housing delivery test results across all of the Local Planning Authorities nationally.

Summary of the key outcomes of the 2019 Housing Delivery Test Results:

208 Local Planning Authorities delivered 95% or more of their three-year housing requirement. As a result, these LPAs will face
no consequences.

26 Local Planning Authorities delivered less than 95% but more than 85% and so are required to prepare an Action Plan setting out the reasons why the required level of housing delivery was not achieved, and strategies to address it in the future. Those authorities include amongst others the City of Bristol, Milton Keynes, and a number of London Boroughs.

73 Local Planning Authorities delivered less than 85% but more than 45% of the three year housing requirement. As a result, these Local Authorities will be required to add a 20 per cent buffer to their five-year housing land supply requirement, instead of the usual five per cent buffer, as well as prepare an Action Plan.

8 Local Planning Authorities delivered less than 45% of the total number of homes required over the last three years. These included City of London, Basildon, Eastbourne, Havering, New Forest, North Hertfordshire, Thanet and Three Rivers. As a consequence, the presumption in favour of sustainable development will apply in these Local Authorities and they will be required to prepare an Action Plan.

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