Parcel D, Rugby Radio, Rugby




Crest Nicholson

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Pegasus Group’s Design team recently gained planning permission for 186 dwellings on a residential parcel that forms part of a wider urban extension to Rugby.

Parcel D forms an integral part of the wider scheme located on the Main Spine Road and framing part of the mixed use Local Centre to the east. The urban grain of the proposed development is formal in nature with dwellings forming a continuous frontage to the surrounding Spine Road. Meanwhile, internal streets have a more intimate feel with buildings set back at various distances. To the northern and western edges dwellings are distributed more loosely providing an attractive outlook to the green ecology corridors which wrap around Parcel D. The focal space of the scheme is the landscaped avenue which provides a green visual link connecting the ecology corridor to the west with the mixed use Local Centre to the east.

The proposed development adopts a soft contemporary feel, building upon Rugby’s local vernacular. Red brick is a common theme throughout, with contrasting materials such as a blue engineering brick, render and dark weatherboarding.

Parcel D, Rugby Radio


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