How Can Planning Boost Regeneration, & What More Needs To Be Done

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Pegasus Group are editorial sponsors of this month’s South West Business Insider Magazine planning review.

Executive Director, Paul Burrell at our Cirencester office, and Regional Director, Jonathan Rainey at our Bristol office were interviewed by Editor, Graham Southern in relation to how planning can boost regeneration and what more needs to be done in the future.

Jonathan speaks about Bath specifically, where planning has boosted the city overall. “The MoD had significant leaseholdings in Bath, we (Pegasus Group) secured planning permission for around 200 houses on one site. There are wider implications for the pressures on Bath to bring housing forward, because prices are significantly higher than in other parts of the region. But because this is a world heritage site, it was important to make land available in a suitable way in terms of design. It can be done”.

Paul speaks about when planning for large-scale regeneration projects becoming problematic when local authorities don’t pull together. “In the planning system, to bring forward regeneration or economic growth projects, you do need a ‘duty to co-operate’ between local authorities so you’re planning on a more strategic basis beyond the boundaries of one city or borough. But the practicalities and political realities of achieving it are very challenging and it slows things down when local authorities are protecting their own position.”

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